As Instagram has recently expanded into e-commerce, it is a valuable tool for any business or company because of Instagram’s new features. In addition to cultivating vibrant communities on Instagram, companies can now present their merchandise in “Shops” and conduct transactions directly within the application.

As Instagram becomes increasingly popular as a source of shoppable inspiration online, companies may benefit from having a robust online presence. Instagram is an excellent safety net for companies that cannot always rely on in-person sales or events to function.

For small businesses seeking to expand their internet presence, Instagram offers the following features:

  1. Online Shopping

If your company relies on product sales, Instagram’s Shopping capabilities may be ideal for you. Instagram is continually developing new e-commerce tools to assist companies in their use of Instagram.

A company can now tag shoppable items in feed posts and Instagram Stories and have an “Instagram Shop” link on their profile to display in-stock products. Using Instagram Stories Product stickers, you can make your stories’ content shoppable using tappable stickers.

Through Instagram Checkout, customers can find a product and complete the purchase process within the app via Instagram city without ever leaving it. It is advantageous for any company seeking to increase sales to use Instagram’s shopping capabilities to simplify the process of finding inspiration, making a purchase, and converting that inspiration into a purchase.

In addition, Instagram is introducing the capability for influencers to drive brand-sponsored purchases through the checkout process.

Influencers and content producers can now add product tags from their brand partners to their Instagram posts and stories, creating a comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem.

  1. Link In Bio

Instagram’s link in bio is a tool that is frequently overlooked by marketers seeking to draw traffic from the platform. This makes your link in bio an important traffic generator.

  1. Instagram Live

As a tool for establishing significant relationships with their online audience, Instagram Live is an excellent resource. Instagram Live use has soared recently, with marketers increasingly favouring lifestyle-focused live broadcasts over in-person events. By bringing people together, companies enhance their community and reveal a more genuine aspect of their brand.

Live Shopping: It is expected that soon, companies will be able to offer shoppable product links directly during Instagram Live broadcasts. These links will be found at the bottom of the video stream, allowing users to tap the links for more information or to “Add to Cart.”

Live Badges: It may be a fantastic new way to generate revenue on Instagram if your company provides a service. The concept of “badges” is reminiscent of a popular feature on Twitch and TikTok that allows viewers to “tip” producers during live broadcasts. Instagram has now included this functionality as well!

  1. Gift Cards & Food Orders

A direct response to COVID-19 has been the release of two new services by Instagram for small businesses: Gift Cards and Food Orders. Companies can now offer redeemable coupons through a button on their profile page or a new Instagram Story sticker using Gift Cards.

Even though Meal Orders provide a novel method for companies in the hospitality industry to increase awareness of their food delivery services, Food Orders are typically used by restaurants to increase their popularity.

  1. IGTV

The IGTV platform is excellent for showcasing goods, interviews, and lessons – the kind of content that binds people together and facilitates the development of long-lasting relationships. While IGTV is still uncharted territory for many businesses, those who have embraced this channel have had tremendous success.

  1. Miscellaneous Tools

Your company may benefit greatly from using Instagram Stories to generate interaction and gather client feedback, particularly if you use the many Instagram Stories stickers available. Your followers can easily communicate with your business through short polls and entertaining quizzes with stickers. They may also be a valuable tool for learning what your audience is interested in.

  1. Pinned Messages

In addition to being one of Instagram’s newest features, pinned comments can be an effective way to establish the tone for your business and community on the platform. You can, for example, pin favourable comments about your products or your brand’s ideals that promote your goods.

Furthermore, by curating your comments in this manner (Instagram currently permits up to three pinned comments per post), you may be able to divert attention away from trolls and spam bot comments that may damage your brand’s reputation.

  1. Instagram Stories Feature

The Instagram Stories feature has already been discussed previously, and Instagram Stories Highlights are a convenient way of extending their shelf life for 24 hours.

As a result, it is prudent to highlight the Instagram Stories Highlights that generate the most conversions for your company. In addition to reinforcing your visual identity on Instagram, you can create Instagram Stories Highlights covers that complement your style to reinforce your visual identity.

Instagram contains various tools and features that may assist your company in flourishing online. As Instagram continues to expand, we anticipate seeing a growing number of tools that assist companies in thriving online.