According to experts, the best Instagram reels insights can be obtained by switching to a business profile. You may use the Analytics feature under the Insights tab if you already have an Instagram business profile.

  • In the upper-right corner of your profile, click the Menu button.
  • If you click on the Insights tab, the Analytics application will launch. You may also access the same information by clicking on the Insights button.
  • This area provides information on the number of genuine Instagram followers, the number of Instagram likes per post, and your audience’s demographics.

You can only access posts/stories uploaded after converting to a business account.

Additionally, Instagram Analytics provides information concerning the optimal time for posting (available on the Advanced/Growth plan). Over three months, track the posts that have received the most likes and comments.

Use your Dashboard to Monitor Your Progress in the Following Areas.

  • Audience Analytics is essential since it provides insight into your Instagram followers, allowing you to optimize your content accordingly. You can see data for up to four weeks, depending on your follower growth, geographic location, gender, age, and peak activity times. In addition to knowing when to submit more reels if you receive more followers after uploading one, you will also be able to identify what popular materials types.
  • By using Feed post-Analytics, it is possible to acquire this information in two ways. Obtain information on various measures dating back two years using the Insights and Content Shared tabs. In addition, you can analyze the performance of each post in detail. If you receive a lot of likes and followers because of hashtags, this is a positive indicator of the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy.
  • You can learn more about your stories through the Insights page, like your post statistics. Check out the Content Shared function to see which stories were the most popular. It is possible to determine which tales best represent your brand by evaluating the performance of the most successful ones.
  • Reek analytics function was implemented just. Lately, the available analytics data has been quite limited. You may still be able to track basic analytics, such as the number of views and comments for each reel. However, you will be able to gain additional insight after a few months when this function has gained more popularity.
  • This feature is essential as it allows you to determine what your viewers enjoy and what keeps them returning for more. The IGTV videos with the highest views should be prioritized to generate and promote new videos more effectively.
  • Product-specific metrics will sort your posts if Instagram Checkout is enabled for your account. Keep track of the posts that generated the most sales if you give readers the option of purchasing things through your postings. When you analyze data points such as button clicks and page visits, you will be able to identify whether the image or pricing needs to be improved. Once the adjustments have been made, you can increase sales with the help of the Instagram city.
  • It is the only component for which Instagram Live data cannot be viewed through the Insights page. You can determine how many people watched your broadcast.
  • Instagram guides refer to hand-picked Content and items for which no analytics data is available. It is possible to determine the effectiveness of specific postings based on the number of views they receive.

Instagram Analytics Reporting Perspectives

Instagram Analytics can track several metrics, as illustrated by the above information. In addition to producing reports, you must prioritize them. You will be able to select the appropriate KPIs and develop new tactics more effectively if you comprehensively understand your brand’s objectives. You may request a .csv file that includes all critical metric information. It is advisable to test multiple items, modify your strategies and Content, and determine what is most effective.

This tool has quickly become as popular as TikTok despite just being released in August 2020. While repurposing is an excellent concept, be careful not to do it too frequently, as viewers will become bored.

Offer distinctive Content that complements the breadth and tone of your brand. Test material beforehand and determine the potential limitations of Instagram reels before posting. By taking the time to master the recording, editing, and uploading processes, you will be able to monitor your progress with the Analytics tool. More practice and creating more reels will allow you to master generating effective material.