Make lovely Ig stories via sharing photos on Instagram story. So do anyone wish to know it? If yes, then you are at the perfect place to learn.

You must have seen many photos in a single story in your friend’s account. How does your friend do it? Is there any app for it? Many uk Instagram followers are using these features. Indeed it looks mesmerizing. Alas, you have no idea how to use it. 

Do not be sad because there is a handy guide to adding photos to your Instagram stories. Many mean to incorporate multiple images into the IG story in one go.

So here ate the man by which you can achieve this goal.

  • The one means you can pick around ten images abs clips from the gallery or camera roll. Which anyone can upload to the story as separate IG story slides.
  •  The next means is to layering many images on the same page as stickers. The third one is making collage utilizing IG built-in element known as the layout!

How to incorporate many images into a single IG story on iPhone

this photo-sharing app has the feature: of photo stickers on stories. You can utilize the element to include many photos in 1 story. 

But how!

  • Open your IG stories
  • here pick the background color or images
  • after that, hit on the sticker section
  • from the move to the photo sticker option
  • from there, select the image from the camera roll or gallery
  • tap on the image to change the design
  • resize the image

You can use various stickers to achieve the results.

Multiple photos on IG stories for Android users 

Unfortunately, the photo stickers are not accessible for Android users, but you can still ad various images at once.

  • Download the Swift keyboard app
  • shot screenshot of images you desire to add to IG stories. one screenshot equals one sticker
  • open Instagram story
  • hit the text icon
  • hit sticker icon
  • hit pin option
  • hit cameras button
  • choose the image and ad in IG stories

So, isn’t it an easy thing to do to date?

Make a Layout, and this is for both Android and iOS Users.

So for this, you require to take the college. But how? Open your IG story there. You will find the arrow on the screen on the left side. Click on it, and you will find various choices like:

  • boomerang
  • create
  • layout
  • multi-capture
  • level
  • hand free

Here you will pick the college option. Once you get there, you will see various choices for it:

  • make a collage of three
  • two
  • four 
  • six 
  • more


So, now you understand the tips to add various images to one Instagram story. Go for the layout or the phot stickers. The android users do not have this option but have shared the hack with you. So are you spamming your follower’s and Instagram likes uk for these stories? Do let us know because we love to hear from you.

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